a series of talks on silent prayer and contemplative living in today's world

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This page lists all the talks given the Silence in the City series. Almost all have been recorded, and are distributed by Agape Ministries. Talks not available on CD are noted below.

Brief biographies of each of our speakers are here.


Dr Esther de Waal, Contemplative Living in Today’s World: an exploration of Benedictine spirituality and its value for life in the modern world (23 June 2007). Not available on CD, but an edited transcript of her talk is here.- Sorry this link is presently not available, please check later.

Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, The One-ness of Silence (17 December 2007). Not available on CD, but a summary of his talk is here. - Sorry this link is presently not available, please check later.


Fr Richard Rohr OFM, What the Silence Reveals: the Peace and Struggle of Contemplative Prayer (9 January 2008).

Fr Richard spoke in Norwich Cathedral the following day, and that talk, Becoming Stilness, is also available via the Agape Ministries website.

Meanwhile, follow this link for the very interesting interview with Fr Richard conducted by Church Times.

Dr Cynthia Bourgeault, Putting on the Mind of Christ: transforming your consciousness through Contemplative Prayer (20 May 2008).

Jean Vanier, The Silence of Tenderness (7 June 2008).

Esther de Waal, Thomas Merton and the Camera as a Tool for Contemplation (25 October 2008). This talk was not recorded, but a brief summary is included here. - Sorry this link is presently not available, please check later.

Dr James Finley, Falling into Silence: an exploration of Thomas Merton's relevance for our time (23 November 2008).

Dr Cynthia Bourgeault, The Welcoming Prayer Practice and Inner Awakening (13 December 2008).  

Agape Ministries.


Fr Daniel O'Leary, Contemplation: a way of seeing, a way of being (25 February 2009).

Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, From Duality to Trinity: Meditation and Daily Living of the Christ-Centred Way (19 March 2009).

Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Hope: Living in the Moment (13 May 2009).

Most Revd Archbishop Vincent Nichols, The Lure of God (22 October 2009).

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Word and Silence in Prayer (24 November 2009).

Agape Ministries.


Fr Gregory Fruehwirth, Relationship, Community and Embodiment: the Gift of Jesus to Contemplative Experience (20 March 2010).

Fr Kevin Culligan OCD, St John of the Cross and the Search for Silence (2 June 2010).

Fr Richard Rohr OFM, The Consequences of the Contemplative Heart (26 August 2010).

Fr Daniel O'Leary, Unblock the Light: Experience a New Way of Living (23 November 2010).

Agape Ministries


Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, The Great Chasm: Spirituality in a Time of Austerity (19 February 2011).

Fr Robert Kennedy SJ, Zen and Christianity (31 March 2011).

Dr Cynthia Bourgeault, Encountering the Wisdom Jesus and Deepening the Encounter with the Wisdom Jesus (7 and 8 June 2011).

Dr James Finley, Following the Mystics through the Narrow Gate (13 and 14 September 2011).

Dr Ursula King, The Universe as Epiphany: Teilhard de Chardin's Discovery of the Heart of God in all Creation (6 December 2011).

Agape Ministries


Fr Nicholas King SJ, A Contemplative Look at Jesus (21 January 2012).

Dr Cynthia Bourgeault, The Meaning of Mary Madgalen and Mary Magdalen and the Path of Conscious Love (29 and 30 May 2012).

Fr Cyprian Consiglio OSB Cam, Prayer in the Cave of the Heart: the Universal Call to Contemplation (15 November 2012).

Agape Ministries


Dr Martin Laird OSA, The Practice of Contemplation: London Underground, Bus Routes and City Silence (12 January 2013).

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware: Word and Silence in Orthodox Prayer (10 April 2013)

Fr Robert Fruehwirth: Silence and Self-Acceptance: Julian of Norwich and the Jo (4 September 2013)

Edwina Gateley:
One Woman's Journey of Faith and Prayer: from Africa to the bars  (9 October 2013)

Agape Ministries


Oliver McTernan, Finding sense in a complex world: the need for a spiritual paradigm (9 January 2014).

Rt Revd Dr Rowan Williams, What Grows in the Gaps: Silence and Human Maturing  (7 May 2014)

Sr Ilia Delio OSF, Christian Life in Evolution - On Evolution and quantum physics and the significance of these for Christian life in the 21st Century (4 June 2014)

Fr Vincent MacNamara, The Way of the Heart: Truth, Goodness and Beauty (4th November 2014

Agape Ministries


Fr Timothy Radcliffe O.P.    Be still and know that I am God(29 January 2015).

James Finley PhD  Childlike Acceptance as a Path to Inner Peace and Union with God (16 June 2015)

James Finley PhD  Transforming Trauma: Exploring the Healing Power of Spirituality (17 June 2015)

Rev Dr Cynthia Bourgeault  Contemplatives and Mystics as Prophets and Visionaries (30 June 2015)

Rev Dr Cynthia Bourgeault  Harnessing the Power of Love - Unveiling the New Breed of Trinity (1 July 2015)

Agape Ministries


David Tacey  Dadirri: The Aboriginal Gift of Contemplation (Indigenous Spirituality and its Transformative Impact  (6 September 2016)

Robert Fruehwirth  Living Compassion: Julian of Norwich's Revelations and our Share in God (6 October 2016)

Rev Dr Cynthia Bourgeault  Centering Prayer and the Road to Non-Dual Awakening (3 November 2016)

Rev Dr Cynthia Bourgeault: Christian Non-Duality - Seriously?  (5 November 2016)

Agape Ministries


Fr Laurence Freeman 
The need for contemplation in a Post-Truth World  (6 May 2017)

Rev Dr Cynthia Bourgeault: Seeing with the Eye of the Heart: Contemplation as a Path of Numinous Knowing  (4 November 2017)

Agape Ministries

Prof Emerita Ursula King 
Spirituality and Ecology in an Evolutionary World: Living the New Story with Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry  (15 March 2018)

Rev Sarah Bachelard  The Work of Love in the Face of Doom  (19 May 2018)

Professor Peter Tyler  The opening of the Heart. Reflections on the Spiritual Seasons of Life. (4 October 2018)

Timothy Radcliffe OP  Should we bend the knee? Worship and contemplation.  (7 November 2018)
Agape Ministries

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