a series of talks on silent prayer and contemplative living in today's world

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Silent Prayer Groups

The World Community for Christian Meditation

The important aim in Christian meditation is to allow God's mysterious and silent presence within us to become more and more not only a reality but the reality which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, everything we are. John Main OSB.

Fr. John Main OSB founded the World Community for Christian Meditation and he believed that the contemplative experience creates community. He recovered the teaching of pure prayer of the desert fathers

His successor is his disciple and fellow monk, Fr Laurence Freeman OSB who is the director of WCCM.

Meditation is the missing dimension of much of Christian life today. It does not exclude other types of prayer and indeed deepens reverence for the sacraments and scripture. Laurence Freeman OSB.

There are many Christian meditation groups across  London, the rest of the country and throughout the world. For more information visit the website by following the link above.

A recent initiative is the establishment of the Meditatio Centre.

Contemplative Outreach

Contemplative Prayer is the world in which God can do anything. To move into this realm is the greatest adventure. It is to open to the Infinite and hence infinite possibilities. Open Mind: Open Heart by Thomas Keating OCSO, founder of Contemplative Outreach.

The primary purpose of Contemplative Outreach is to teach the method of Centering Prayer and to offer practices to bring its fruits into daily life. We help individuals and groups establish a contemplative practise by offering Centering Prayer workshops, retreats and formation programmes. Our programmes are designed to bring the richness of the Christian Contemplative Heritage into a contemporary and accessible format. 

Contemplative Outreach Ltd is now a world wide movement with a growing number of groups here in the UK.

For links to information world-wide contact Contemplative Outreach Ltd

The Julian Meetings

The Julian meetings foster the teaching and practice of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition; encourage people to practise contemplative prayer in their daily lives, and to explore ways of doing this which are appropriate for them; and support the individual ecumenical Julian Meetings - groups whose members meet regularly to practise Christian contemplative prayer together.

For information about the Julian Meetings e-mail gbdata@julianmeetings.org

Other Silent Prayer Groups

This link will take you to a leaflet published by the Retreat Association listing silent prayer groups in the UK.

Other links

Center for Action and Contemplation

Fr Richard Rohr OFM, who spoke in the first series of Silence in the City talks, is the founder and director of the Centre for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Contemplative Society

encourages a deepening of contemplative prayer ... and offers a consistent and balanced path for spiritual growth and transformation rooted in prayer, silence, mindful work and in the 1500-year old wisdom of our Benedictine contemplative heritage. Dr Cynthia Bourgeault, who has given several talks in the Silence in the City series, is Principal Teacher for the Contemplative Society.

The Contemplative Spirituality Network
The Contemplative Spirituality Network is a response to our contemporary search for God. Through it we attempt to express our interdependence and interconnectedness, as well as reflecting the need to deeply ground our spiritual search in the heart and wisdom of a living tradition. The Network seeks to offer support, companionship and resources for the journey of transformation towards wholeness and unity within the Christian tradition.

The Contemplative Way

Retreats with James Finley, who gave Silence in the City talks in November 2008 and September 2011.

The House of Prayer

The Christian Retreat (a Roman Catholic Congregation) was founded in 1789 by Fr. Anthony Receveur. In an age when faith and moral values were in decline, he offered to ordinary people a means of drawing closer to God. Through practising meditation and making a spiritual retreat, lives were transformed.

Today the Sisters, the Retreat team and their friends, carry out his vision by their work and mission in the House of Prayer.

The House of Prayer is ecumenical and welcomes Christians of all denominations and people of good will.

Just This Day

In November 2013, Just this Day, which organises an annual day of quietness, marked its 7th anniversary.

Launde Abbey

An Anglican retreat centre set in the peace of the Leicestershire countryside.
Llansor Mill
A retreat centre in Monmouthshire.

Norwich Christian Meditation Centre

The centre has an active programme of talks on meditation and silent prayer.

Quiet Gardens

Places of peace and beauty, world-wide, which are available for silent prayer and meditation.

Sacred Space

The website of the Irish Jesuits. It includes a daily prayer and meditiation.

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