a series of talks on silent prayer and contemplative living in today's world

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Latest News

The next talk at Westminster Cathedral Hall  SW1P 1QW will be on

Saturday, 19 May, 10.30am - 4pm

by Rev Sarah Bachelard

Sarah Bachelard

Speaker: Rev Sarah Bachelard - New to Silence in the City Sarah Bachelard is a theologian, retreat leader and Agnlican priest. She is founder of Benedictus Contemplative Church, which is an ecumenical worshipping community in Canberra, Australia.

Title: The Work of Love in the Face of Doom
We live in times that are critical for the future of life on earth. Many feel a sense of dread and impotence, particularly in relation to the ecological crisis and what seems the intractable difficulty of generating meaningful engagement with its many challenges.What does it mean to live well in the face of doom neither evading the truth of our situation, nor being overwhelmed by cynicism, rage, fear and despair?How might a contemplative perspective help us bear with our times, and sustain us in the transforminglabour of faith, hope and love?

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